Konu – agency of corporative clothes

Enterprises which are developing in the circumstances of healthy competition more often look for professional assistance in the creation of their unique identity.

Marketing experts, architects, interior designers are invited as well as cooperation with advertising agencies is created. In order to create the concept of corporative clothes the personnel and marketing experts of the enterprise invite agency of coporative clothing with team educated in fashion design to coordinate production of clothes carefully choosing beforehand cooperation partners loyal to production even from different countries if it is necessary and to conclude long term contracts with the suppliers of starting materials and to solve other issues in order to preserve the united image for a long period of time.

Konu Ltd created on December, 12 in 2005 by Ingrida Drazniece and Ieva Drazniece is an agency of corporative clothes which ensures full specter of services from the idea till long term cooperation, repeatedly preparing and supplying clothes within a long period of time.

Ingrida Drazniece, fashion designer http://ingridadrazniece.wordpress.com

Ieva Drazniece, project director