Creative proposal of a concept

A visual proposal of a concept is worked out on the basis of the specifics of working activities of the customer enterprise , the task of work, the represented sector of the market and the investigation of competitors. Creative visualization creates the proposal of conception. In accordance with the chosen direction of the concept, sketches of all elements of clothes are worked out in details. The most suitable for the concept and the most corresponding to the customer's budget and time limits starting materials are chosen and agreements about cooperation are concluded with the chosen producers. Etalon samples are produced in accordance with the sketches.

The director of an enterprise wants to feel secure that he will not have to turn back to the issue about an advice, consultation or possibility to make order in clothing culture once more. Unfortunately, we do not have a special formula in accordance with which we could determine in advance the corporative image of an enterprise, because in the conditions of existing competition it is very essential to be unique.