Production of clothes and accessories

Working in the area of creation of corporative image, as it is shown by practical experience, only long duration cooperation can ensure a consistent style, quality, favorable expenditure and flexible terms and possibilities of supplies for enterprises. All this can be ensured in cooperation with the agency, which concludes long duration agreements with material producers, by choosing the most corresponding and loyal producers of clothes for a certain project of customers and as a result of all mentioned above ensures economy and anticipation in expenditure, availability of starting materials, possibility of repeated supplies within the agreed periods of times and of agreed quality. If plans of the development of the customer's enterprise and the coefficient of migration of employees are known, it is possible to plan reserves and repeated supplies and to free the management of the enterprise from additional duties. The enterprise has solved this problem if it relies on professionals in this sphere.

Production of clothes and accessories is performed in accordance with the individual sizes of employees - matching sizes of employees to the international standard sizes of clothes or producing sets of clothes of individual sizes. Control of the author is very essential within the whole period of cooperation, not taking into account that it could be one year or long duration period of time. It is necessary for creation of identification of clothes of employees as well as for the style of clothes, their consequence and development in order not to disappear during the times both concerning quantity and qualification.