Wholesale of ready made clothes and accessories

Confection or purchasing of ready made clothes and accessories is formed from the present retail and wholesale proposition in accordance with the corporative identification of the enterprise of the customer and with the worked out concept of clothes, the budget and time limits. It is necessary to make measurements of the employees and further on to perform fittings of the chosen clothes.

If the enterprise chooses such solution for its image creation, it is possible to get ready made elements within comparatively short period of time, but not always the proposition corresponds to the personal work specifics of the enterprise, to the necessary sizes, desired assortment, as well as the low quality of starting materials and production itself must be mentioned. The prices also are not satisfactory. It should be taken into account, when planning repeated supplies for new employees or for the change of clothes worn , that the same models needed or the same quality, price, assortment, sizes could not always be available.

When planning both expenditure and influence of the united image creation on the activities of the enterprise for long term period, the supplies of ready made clothes are advisable only if each enterprise has been evaluated individually concerning the fact how unique the image the enterprise wants to create.