After the experience of many year cooperation with different designers on the working out of the concept of uniform clothes of S/C "Swedbank" personnel and evaluating it as not sufficient, advertising agency "DDB Worldwide Latvia" invited Ingrida Darzniece to create a new identical style of Swedbank.

Creating a new concept, it was chosen to refuse from the former direction of the concept – free youth style, preserving only ties and kerchieves, which enrich the new concept.The working clothes should be as mobile as the enterprise itself, for which these clothes are created. Interior , the created advertising image, style and choice of colours characteristc for the financial business niche of filials of Swedbank influenced the direction of the concept in the bank. The precise and marked siluette was created. But the style is reserved and business like. Clothes sets of every employee could be created with the help of different items of assortiment, personifying the concept with such variations. When creating the Swedbank clothes concept we associated it with an accurate iron screw which is very important in the activities of Swedbank as well as in the activities of a big accurate clock mechanism. The concept was introduced in all branches of Latvia in 2006.

S/C "Swedbank"